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Catering Rentals

Everything You Need For Success

Catering Supplies For Rent

While you’re at it go ahead and get everything needed. When it’s all over we’ll pack it up and take it away. We make parties hassle-free.

Browse our extensive inventory and find what works best for you!

Catering Equipment

We have everything from soup kettles to chafing dishes ready for your guests. Carving staions, propane burners & fryers too.


Our selection of bowls is broad. We have small and large bowls of stainless or glass. With many uses we're sure you'll find the right one.


Serving sweet Iced tea or other open beverages? Choose pitchers with your order, and be sure to select the style best fitting.


Some drinks are best ice-cold, and what goes best with ice? Yes, a cooler (or three). We have many sizes and styles available for your party.


Go ahead and glam things up a bit! We've got bars and chill tables of many varieties. Everybody loves a bar for a party refreshment.

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