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Starline Performers

Characters, Clowns, Singing Telegrams, Magic Too

Starline Performances

Add a little something special to your party. These extras mix well with kids parties, but might work with other parties too. You decide, we oblige!

Here you’ll find links for our costume rentals, clown shows, magic shows and even our singing telegrams. Let us provide a memorable event for you and yours on the special day.

Serving the greater Nashville, Tennessee area with pride since 1992.


Looking for character costumes for the big party? We offer Do-it-yourself (DIY) rentals as well as performance shows. We'll provide the talent or you can!


Most people love clowns, but some people find them terrifying. So we'll leave it up to you to decide if they might be a good fit. If so we've got several fantastic choices.

Singing Telegrams

Ask anyone if they've ever received a singing telegram and the answer is always a quick yes or no. Why? Because no one ever forgets a singing telegram. Ever!

Magic Shows

Got a would-be Guest of Honor with a love for magic? Well let's throw it in the mix. We offer a great little magic show that seems to really attract the attention.

Thanks for choosing Starline!

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